Monday, November 3, 2014

Invading the Carolinas

AI invades North Carolina
North Carolina is one of the most heavily militarized states in the union.   Many retired veterans live there.  The US Marines train at Camp Lejeune in NC.  Fort Bragg, named after a Confederate general was established as an artillery base in WWI and is an active base to this day.  Bragg is situated in Fayetteville, a somewhat seedy area, which is also known as "Fayettenam".

The AI tour, however, went to Raleigh.  Here we met up with some old friends who had also spent time living in the UK.

Desert at Plates
Steve Day is the proprietor of a gastronomic paradise known as Plates (  Everything on the menu was exceptional including some heavenly deserts.   They had a full bar featuring local micro brews on tap and a well-chosen wine list.  When in Raleigh be sure to dine at Plates!

The next day we made a brief stop in Charlotte where you can now find signed copies of America Invades at Park Road Books the best indy bookstore in Charlotte.

South Carolina

We cruised through South Carolina on our way to Georgia.  Sadly, we missed a state rich in military history.  We must return soon.

Special thanks to Steve and Kate Day, Ken and Julia Curtis.

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