Thursday, October 30, 2014

Invading Virginia

Iwo Jima memorial statue
Triangle, VA

Virginia has a vast amount of military history from distinguished American leaders such as founding father George Washington and Robert E. Lee.  US Civil War battlefields from America's bloodiest conflict dot the landscape of Virginia.  Today Virginia has many important military bases including a massive US Naval base in Norfolk.

AI at USMC National Museum
The AI tour, however, focused on one vital branch of the US military.  We paid a visit to the US Marine Museum in Triangle Virginia (  Here you will find the rich history of the Marine Corps on display from its founding at the Tun tavern in Philadelphia on November 10, 1775 to its current role today.  The Marines proudly remind us that the Corps is even older than our nation itself.

USMC founded in a tavern
Marine Birthday: 11/10/1775

Over the course of their history the Marines have gotten around.  We note in our work, America Invades...

"One of the most famous incidents in the history of the USMC took place in Libya in 1805. William Eaton led a group of eight marines and a party of mercenaries on a 520-mile march through the desert from Alexandria in Egypt to Derna in Libya. It was at the battle of Derna on April 27, 1805, that Eaton led his men against the pasha’s forces in a siege that finally culminated with an assault. Eaton personally led a bayonet charge against a larger foe with Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon by his side. This was the first time the fifteen stars and stripes of the US flag were raised on a foreign shore. It was here that the US Marines famously earned a victory against the pasha on 'the shores of Tripoli.'"  Source: America Invades (

They would later fight in the Mexican-American war at the halls of Montezuma.

Iron Mike
US Marine Corps Museum

"Iron Mike" is a slang term for an America soldier that has show conspicuous bravery.  The statue above is based on US Marines that fought in WWI and helped to earn the nickname "Devil Dogs" for the corps.

USMC Aviation
Marines Corps aviation has a distinguished history.  Senator and Astronaut John Glenn was a Marine pilot.

Frank Matthews: American Invader / Hero
It was our great privilege to meet a US Marine, Frank Matthews.  He was a true American invader who went ashore on Iwo Jima about 70 years ago.  He engaged the enemy with a flame thrower.  I thanked the 92 year old veteran for his service and gave him a copy of America Invades ( though he protested that his eyesight made reading it problematic.

Frank told me that he had played baseball with John Basilone on Hawaii before the war broke out (

Semper Fi to all US marines and to all those from the state of Virginia who serve their nation and the cause of freedom.  Thanks for your service!

Invading Washington DC

CK with bipartisan support
University Club, Washington
Last week the AI tour invaded our nation's capital -- Washington D.C.  Contrary to some reports, we did NOT attempt to scale the White House fence in order to drop off a copy of America Invades ( for the Commander-in-Chief.

CK at Rotary
I was, however, honored to have an opportunity to speak at a Washington Rotary function where the message of America Invades was warmly received.  Thank you Jennifer Hara and Washington rotarians!

CK at American History Museum
Smithsonian, DC
We were also privileged to receive a behind the scenes tour of the Smithsonian American History Museum courtesy of author and curator Larry Bird (  Larry is the co-author of a very handsome book on American wartime propaganda from World War II called Design for Victory (

Polk invaded Mexico
At the Smithsonian we saw an election poster for Polk who later led the invasion of Mexico during the Mexican-American war.  Here is a bit from the Mexico chapter of America Invades...

"In 1845, Polk dispatched John Slidell as minister-designate to Mexico City to purchase Mexican territory in the West for the sum of twenty-five million dollars. He was rebuffed. So Polk, not about to take a rebuff for an answer, dispatched Zachary Taylor, a Whig general, with an army of about thirty-five hundred men to Fort Brown, Texas, on the Rio Grande near the Gulf coast.

Polk’s order to Taylor of January 13, 1846, indicated that the United States was not intending to go to war with Mexico but, if Mexico declared war or acted hostilely, then operations should not be limited to the defensive. Thus the president of the United States delegated to a field commander the decision as to whether a state of war existed between Mexico and the United States.

US Army Officer Jacket
Mexican-American war, Smithsonian
The Thornton skirmish was the spark that ignited the powder. On April 25, 1846, a reconnaissance patrol led by Captain Thornton ran into and was defeated by a Mexican force of two thousand men near Brownsville, Texas.

It might seem surprising, but the Mexican-American War was the costliest war for the United States in terms of percentage of casualties versus participants—13,768 died out of the 104,556 that served. Many of these casualties were due to sickness and disease as the Americans won nearly every engagement of the war and occupied Mexico City. At the Mexico City National Cemetery, you will find the graves of 750 unknown Americans who perished in the Mexican-American War and are buried in a common grave."  America Invades (

Actions have consequences.  Invasions are a complex series of actions.  It follows, therefore that invasions will have consequences.  Some of these will be foreseen and foreseeable, others unforeseen.

The Mexican-American war initiated by Polk had far-reaching consequences.  Polk's war resulted in the addition of California, Arizona, New Mexico Nevada and Utah to the Union.

James K. Polk
Smithsonian Museum
It is fascinating to ponder the hypotheticals of a world without President Polk.  The United States would surely have been a much smaller, less powerful nation had it not invaded Mexico.  When you consider the massive historical challenges that the USA faced in the 20th century (fascism and communism) it is difficult to imagine how America could have prevailed without Polk's war.  For this reason I would account Polk one of the most under-rated US Presidents, probably the lost important single term American president.

"Fear Not, Old Abe is Ours!"
Smithsonian Museum
Many of the treasures of the Smithsonian's vast collection are not on display to the public.  We were able to see a political sign for Abraham Lincoln.

All genders helped win WW2
Smithsonian Museum
There were also remarkable posters from World War II.

There were many culinary highlights to our trip to Washington.  We had some excellent microbrews and seafood with Adam Wilson at the  District Chophouse (

Jefferson Monument
Washington DC
We also returned to one of my favorite German restaurants -- the Cafe Mozart (  Great beer, wurst and strudel!

Washington Monument, DC
Special thanks to Jennifer Hara, Adam Wilson and Larry Bird for making our time in DC rich and enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Invading New Jersey

Uncle Vinnie's Clam Bar
Raritan, NJ

The AI tour recently launched a brief invasion of New Jersey.

Leaving New York state, we made a beeline for Raritan New Jersey.  In Raritan we were disappointed to learn that Uncle Vinnie's Clam bar is not open for lunch!  A quick stop for a slice of pizza was some consolation.
John Basilone USMC
Raritan, NJ
We did however find the statue of John Basilone that we were searching for.  Basilone was a United States Marine who won the medal of honor fighting on Guadalcanal in the Pacific.  He had served previously in the Philippines and earned the nickname "Manila John".  After Guadalcanal, he was sent stateside on a war bond tour by Uncle Sam.  Missing his fellow Marines, John insisted on returning to his unit.  Tragically, he was killed in action on the first day of the invasion of Iwo Jima.
Basilone Plaque, Raritan, NJ
John was the only enlisted Marine to win both the medal of honor and the navy cross in World War II.  Basilone was of Italian heritage as were an astonishing one in 12 American GIs during the war.

Every year the town of Raritan celebrates a John Basilone day to commemorate his life.

At the US Marine Corps Museum in Triangle Virginia I would later meet a 92 year old Marine who also served on Iwo Jima and played baseball with John Basilone in Hawaii!  More to come.

For more on Basilone see...

The New Jersey National guard is partnered with Albania.

Thanks for your service New Jersey!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Invading Massachusetts

Bunker Hill Monument
Boston, MA
The AI Tour recently invaded Massachusetts.  We had a chance to tour the Bunker Hill monument and Museum and reflect on our debt to our founding patriots.  The fall colors throughout New England were lovely this time of year.

Major Jack Coughlin USAF
AKA "Studly Fly Right"
Circa 1969
In Boston the crack AI Touring team were joined by Major Jack Coughlin retired of the USAF.  Jack is now helping to co-pilot the AI van but he flew C-130s during the Vietnam war.

In America Invades we wrote,

"Captain Jack Coughlin, a friend of mine (Chris Kelly’s) is a retired USAF C-130 pilot who flew “jingle runs” from Taiwan to Saigon in the 1970s. On a jingle run, his plane would be loaded with three wooden pallets; each pallet contained ten million dollars in stacks of twenty- dollar bills. This was how the USG helped to fund the South Vietnamese government. Similar tactics would be employed much later in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Battle of Bunker Hill

We had a fabulous lobster dinner at the historic Union Oyster house in Boston  (  This restaurant, founded in 1826, is the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest continuously-serving restaurant in our country.

We met my nephew Chance Heath, a young entrepreneur, who is starting up a brand new All-American sock company called Heath Paine (  Their fashionable antimicrobial socks will start shipping in November of this year.  At the risk of sounding redundant, I must declare, "Good luck Chance!"

Cannon on "Old Ironsides"

We hoisted a pint afterwards at one of the oldest bars in this country the Bell in Hand tavern which was established in 1795 (  Noisy but fun.

We stayed at a friend's house in the quiet town of Cohasset just South of Boston.

USS Constitution
The AI tour paid its respects to the USS Constitution ( which is open to the public and free of charge.  It remains a serving ship in the US Navy.

USS Constitution

We have no less than ten references to this splendid ship in our work, America Invades, including this...

"American independence from Britain obviously had its advantages, but one of its disadvantages was that merchant ships from the United States would no longer be under the protection of the powerful Royal Navy. In May 1794, war secretary Henry Knox decided it was time to do something about the Barbary pirates, and he appointed Philadelphian Joshua Humphreys “Constructor of the Navy of the United States.” Humphreys was a gifted naval architect who designed the 44-gun frigates (which could, in fact, carry over fifty guns), such as the USS Constitution, that were faster and more powerful than their European counterparts. By contrast, a typical British frigate had just thirty-two to thirty-six guns. Amazing, considering how old it is, the USS Constitution is still afloat today."


Thanks for your service Massachusetts Patriots!

Special thanks to Chris and Jane Moran.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Invading Pennsylvania

Phillies Fanatic
Cooperstown, NY
Passing quickly through West Virginia, we made our way through Pennsylvania to the historic town of Gettysburg.  The 150th anniversary of the famous battle was celebrated just last year.  The visitor center for the Gettysburg National Military Park ( has received a massive upgrade in recent years.  Morgan Freeman, also known as the "voice of God", narrates the film explaining the battle and its significance.

Many Americans, especially those from the South, perceive Lincoln and the Union forces as "invaders".  Lee was, of course, leading a Confederate "invasion" of Pennsylvania in the Gettysburg campaign; thus both sides in the US Civil war can be construed as "American Invaders".

US Civil War Cannon
Gettysburg Museum, PA
My last visit to Gettysburg was in the mid-1980s.  It was the amazing cyclorama painting of the battle that made the most lasting impression on me back then.  I am very pleased to write that this painting by Paul Dominique Philippoteaux, opened to the public in 1883, has been beautifully restored and still remains a centerpiece of the Gettysburg exhibition.  In spite of its age, it remains an excellent way to to explain and illustrate what happened in the summer of 1863.  Here are a few details from it...
Union standard bearer on white horse
Rebel Charge
Gettysburg Cyclorama
Gettysburg is site of a decisive Civil War battle.  But it was also the chosen home of the most famous American "Invader" of all time -- Dwight David Eisenhower (

Eisenhower National Historic Site
Gettysburg, PA
After WW2 Eisenhower (1890 - 1969) planned to retire to a farm in central Pennsylvania where he could raise black Angus cattle and quietly live out his life.  Instead he was drafted to run for president as the Republican nominee in 1952.
Ike and Mamie's cozy Living Room
Gettysburg, PA
Eisenhower ( kept his Pennsylvania farmhouse throughout the presidential years and beyond.  Though Camp David is only about 18 miles away from Gettysburg, Ike preferred to entertain visiting dignitaries on his farm rather than at camp David.  He would welcome visitors to Gettysburg with a golf cart tour of the battlefield that lasted about two hours.  In this way he would take the measure of statesmen such as Winston Churchill, Nikita Khrushchev, and Charles De Gaulle.

Eisenhower Home
The Eisenhower home has been lovingly preserved in the condition in which the Eisenhower family left if after Mamie's death in 1979.  Visitors to the Eisenhower home will see the TV that Ike and Mamie enjoyed watching westerns on.

Ike's Putting Green
The PGA even built a putting hole on the farm in tribute to Ike's devotion to the sport.

Ike's gift from the
Shah of Iran
In the cozy living room I could not help noticing the beautiful carpet that was a gift from the Shah of Iran to Eisenhower.

In our work America Invades we write, "In 1953, President Eisenhower authorized a CIA-led coup against Mossadeq in favor of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Kermit Roosevelt
(Teddy Roosevelt’s son) was put in charge of Operation Ajax, and funds were used by the CIA to recruit Iranian mobs, which eventually helped drive Mossadeq from office. Eisenhower subsequently awarded Kermit Roosevelt the National Security Medal in a closed-door ceremony in December 1953."  Source: America Invades, Kelly / Laycock, 2014,

Ike Grosvenor Square, London
We also point out how America's most famous invader refused to invade in Egypt during the 1956 Suez crisis or to use atomic weapons in Vietnam in support of the French at Dien Bien Phu.

Ike's Den
Gettysburg, PA
After his heart attack Ike recuperated on his farm at Gettysburg.  His den was a temporary substitute for the oval office during his recovery.

Ike: America's Greatest Invader
For much more on D-day, Eisenhower and American military history, you can order your copy of America Invades direct from the author...

Invading West Virginia

The AI book tour briefly sailed through "Wild and Wonderful" West Virginia this past week.

This state was created out of the conflict of our own Civil War when it split apart from Confederate Virginia.

In America Invades you will read that West Virginia's national guard is partnered with Peru and Tajikistan.  (

To order you copy directly please visit our web site at...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Invading Ohio

CK in Dayton, OH
The AI tour drove south from Michigan to Ohio -- the Buckeye state.  Along the way to Dayton we stopped for dinner in Lima, OH at a very pleasant Mediterranean restaurant called Vivace (  Their Palestinian chef and owner, Khaled Alkhatib, did an outstanding job with a Mediterranean mezze platter at this fine dining establishment.
Dayton, OH
Dayton is known for being the home of the Wright brothers who owned a bicycle shop and flew the first airplane at Kitty Hawk.  Dayton is also the home of Wright-Patterson AFB.  Our principal reason for visiting Dayton was to tour the National Museum of the United States Air Force (

Sopwith Camel
USAF Museum, Dayton, OH
This museum was truly overwhelming in its size and scope.  One could easily spend two days browsing through its treasures -- we only had one morning but we made the most of it.

USAAF WW2 Air Crew
USAF Museum, Dayton, OH
The museum features many extraordinary aircraft, but it does not lose sight of the vital importance of the crews that served these machines in the air and on the ground.

Shoo, Shoo Baby!
USAF Museum, Dayton
As usual, I really enjoyed the examples of colorful and expressive nose art on the American warplanes.

Better Red than...

Screamin Eagle

Gulf War I, Recon

SNAFU Snatchers
Cold War Winner
Halloween Theme

Ace in the Hole

I saw an interesting map of the Cold War at the USAF museum.  Look coslely, do you notice anything wrong with this map?

Anything missing here...?
I would submit that very few South Africans who lived through the Cold War would have considered themselves to be neutrals in that conflict.  Perhaps this map is a bit too politically correct?

It is always a good idea to conclude on a note of hope.  Leslie Townes Hope (1903 -2003), born in Eltham near London in, grew up in Cleveland Ohio and joked often about his adopted home town.  Bob Hope entertained US military forces during WWII, the Korean war and Vietnam.  He is one of the most honored and respected entertainers in history.  The USAF Museum has a section devoted to Hope's life of service.

Hope in Vietnam
USAF Museum, Dayton, OH
In AI we note that in 1950 during the Korean war, "United Nations forces swept north of the thirty-eighth parallel. On October 19, Pyongyang was captured, and Bob Hope even gave a USO performance for the troops in the North Korean capital!"

Source: America Invades, Kelly / Laycock, 2014,

You can order our book and other AI collectibles directly from our web site here (free shipping to CA, WA, OR, ID and NV)...