Sunday, December 14, 2014

Invading Alabama

Alabama is Beautiful!

On the way from Pensacola to New Orleans the AI team launched a brief invasion of Alabama the beautiful.

USS Alabama  (BB-60)
Crossing Mobile Bay on I-10
Driving west on Interstate 10 we crossed Mobile Bay and saw a vivid reminder of the US Navy in WW2  -- the battleship Alabama (

The USS Alabama (BB-60) is a South Dakota class battleship that was launched in 1942 and served in World War II.  She could cruise at 28 knots power4d by engines that put out 130,000 hp.  Her primary armament were 9 massive 18" guns.  She saw extensive service in the Pacific theater where she supported the Marine invasion of Tarawa in 1943.  In 1944 the ship participated in the  "Marianas Turkey shoot" and bombed the phosphate rich island of Nauru which is today the smallest republic in the world.
Big 18" Guns of the Alabama
USS Drum
Mobile, Alabama
This collection includes much more than just an awesome battleship.  Visitors can also tour the USS Drum submarine that helped send nearly 60% of Japanese merchant shipping to the bottom of the Pacific during WW2.

B25J Mitchell Bomber
Mobile, Alabama
A Mitchell bomber similar to those used by Jimmy Doolittle for his 1942 raid on Tokyo can be found on the grounds.  The Doolittle raid did little physical damage but had a profound impact on the development of the war in the Pacific.

America Invades + B-52
Mobile, Alabama
Visitors will also find Cold war aircraft such as a B-52 bomber and a beautiful copy of the amazing SR-71 Spyplane.  This plane set the record for fastest manned aircraft in 1976.

SR-71, "Blackbird"
Mobile, Alabama

Thanks for your service Alabama!

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