Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Invading Illinois

Desert Markings
Russell Military Museum

The America Invades tour swooped south from Wisconsin launching our recent invasion of Illinois.  Just across the border near lake Michigan, you will find the incredible Russell Military Museum (http://russellmilitarymuseum.com/). You may have spotted this astounding collection of tanks, planes and vehicles from highway I-94.

US Marine Jeep
Russell Museum, Zion, IL
This museum is the creation of one man who for over forty years has had a passion for collecting American militaria.  He acquired much of his collection from Israel over twenty years ago.

Russell Military Museum, Zion, IL
This museum (only open seasonally) is home to an incredible collection of military vehicles, planes, boats, etc.  They have no less than five Sherman tanks in the collection!

Fighter Jet
Russell Military Museum, Zion, IL
They have jets and helicopters.

IWM, Duxford
They are even planning to purchase an A-10 Warthog!

AI now at Russell
I am pleased to note that you can now find a signed copy of America Invades in the gift shop of the Russell Military History Museum or also unsigned on Amazon -- www.amzn.com/1940598427.

In a suburb of Chicago we met my good friend Mike DeLuca and his wife Stacey.  We had a wonderful dinner with them in Kennilworth.

Mike was intrigued with our tour and jumped on the AI wagon all the way to Dayton, OH.  More to come...

Our own America Invades store is now fully stocked with books, hats and t-shirts.  You can find it here...

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