Saturday, October 11, 2014

Invading Nebraska

CK with Gene Dunn owner of Gorat's
Warren Buffet's favorite steakhouse

On Monday October 6 we invaded Nebraska with the America Invades tour driving from Denver to Omaha.  Wind gusts buffeted our nine foot high van around the interstate highway.

Johnny Carson, USN
Johnny Carson was one of the most famous native sons of Nebraska.  Carson himself was an "American Invader" who served in the US Navy during the Cold War.

In a recent biography written by his lawyer, tennis partner and friend, Henry Bushkin ("Bombastic Bushkin" per Carson) we read  about the following conversation...

"'Ever been to Nebraska, Henry?' he asked.  Nebraska, of course is where Carson was raised . 'No, of course you haven't; why would you have?  Let me tell you, Henry -- it's terrible.  The roads, the wind, the snow, the mud, the freezing weather.  But the people...they couldn't be nicer or friendlier.'"

Source: Johnny Carson, Henry Bushkin, 2013.

CK and Gene Dunn
Omaha, Nebraska
Carson really knew Nebraska.  We were welcomed to Nebraska by Gene Dunn the owner of Gorat's in Omaha -- Warren Buffet's favorite steakhouse (  The filet mignon was incredibly tender and delicious.  We left a signed copy of America Invades ( NOW IN STOCK AT AMAZON) for Warren's enjoyment.

We met Omaha native Beth Black who has just opened a new location for Omaha's best bookstore -- The Bookworm (  You can find signed copies of our book with Beth at her beautiful new store.

USAF Missile
Air and Space Museum, Nebraska
We also visited the Strategic Air and Space museum ( in Ashland, Nebraska which is about 12 miles West of Omaha.  The museum has a strong focus on the role of missiles and aviation in our defense system.

Strategic Air Command
SAS Museum, Ashland, NE
The Strategic air command has strong roots in Nebraska and other Western states such as Wyoming.  A plaque prominently displayed in the museum makes the point that "the cold war didn't just was won."  The sacrifice and devotion of several generations of servicemen and women were needed in order to win the Cold war for the West.

B-25 Mitchell
SAS Museum, Ashland, NE
The SAS museum had a collection of historic planes such as the B-25 Mitchell that was used in Doolittle's famous raid on Tokyo.

"War Weary", C-47 Dakota
SAS Museum, Ashland, NE

I particularly enjoyed the nose art that adorns several of their WW2 vintage aircraft.

"Lucky Lady"
SAS Museum, Ashland, NE
We were indeed lucky to be able to visit the friendly folks of Nebraska.

If you can't make it to The Bookworm in Omaha you can now order our book America Invades directly from our web site...

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