Sunday, October 5, 2014

Invading Wyoming

Welcome to Wyoming!
The first thing that one notices driving into Wyoming is that things are a little bit different here.  The Wyoming speed limit on its open roads is 80 mile per hour.  Only Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho have an 80 mph speed limit -- some parts of rural Texas have an 85 mph limit.

America Invades / America Theatre
Downtown Casper
America Invades invaded Casper Wyoming which is known as the "Oil City".  In America Invades we mention that Wyoming's national guard is partnered with Tunisia.  Yes, we invaded Tunisia in 1942 during World War II capturing Rommel's Africa Corps and thousand of Italian soldiers.

Wyoming Sunset
"Americans brought war of a different kind in 1976 to Tunisia again when George Lucas filmed parts of Episode IV: A New Hope in Tunisia. Star Wars would return to film parts of Episodes I and II in the Tunisian desert as well."

Source: America Invades, Kelly / Laycock, 2014,

The America Invades tour stopped in Casper Wyoming this week.  We found the locals friendly and welcoming.  We didn't even mind the snow that greeted us in early October.

KTWO Casper
We had our first TV interview with KTWO in Casper Thanks very much Alexandra Lehnert.

Wind City Books
Casper, WY
We had a book signing at Wind City Books (  I was delighted to meet and sign a book for Ben Castillo in Casper.

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