Saturday, October 4, 2014

Invading Montana

Do you remember the Soviet Naval Captain Vasili Borodin played by Sam Neill in the Hunt for Red October, one of the great war films and novels of all time?  Do you remember his dying words aboard the submarine in the awareness that his personal defection would not succeed?  He says simply, "I would have liked to have seen Montana."

I really liked seeing Montana on the America Invades ( book tour this past week.

Vinnie in Big Sky
My brother in law Vincent Driano and I had an awesome time invading Montana this past week.  The views of Big Sky country were incomparable.  The hospitality with friends and family was extraordinary.  We also made some new friends along the way.

Barbara Theroux
Fact and Fiction Books, Missoula, MT
We stopped at Barbara's Theroux's Fact and Fiction Books in Missoula (  I am pleased to report that America Invades is now available in both her Missoula locations.

James Heath, Missoula MT
Fact and Fiction Books
I was delighted to reconnect with my brother in law Jimmie Heath who is a talented ceramics artist in Missoula.  Good luck hunting with the boys Jimmie!

Sloane, Katie, Thomas and me
Missoula, MT
We had a wonderful visit with my dear sister Katie Heath who is the Yoga queen of Missoula, MT (  Her business is flourishing.  The BBQ was delicious.  We even had an opportunity to protest civil rights abuses in Cuba by ritually burning some of their agricultural products!

CK and Mary Beth
Bozeman, MT
We stopped in Bozeman and had lunch with an old friend Mary Beth Marks and her husband Randy.  She is a television consultant who has chosen to make Montana here home.  She and Randy both love dogs.

CK and Custer Monument
I was very excited to visit the Little Big Horn battlefield, site of Custer's famous last stand in 1876.  Five companies of the US 7th Cavalry was wiped out by a much larger force of Sioux Indian warriors.  I have written about Custer previously...

CK with horses
Little Big Horn, MT
I was fascinated to learn about the high percentage of foreign born soldiers that served in the 7th Cavalry.  There were many Irishmen, Germans and even several Italians serving in the US Army in the old west.

Custer's last epistle
West Point Museum, NY
John Martin was born Giovanni Martini in Sola Consalina in 1853.  He was a trumpeter with company H.  He also survived and later died in Brooklyn NY in 1922.  He carried the last message that Custer ever wrote to Captain Benteen.  I have a photo of this message from the West Point museum.

George Armstrong Custer
Custer was initially buried in the "greasy grass" on last stand hill but his remains were later moved to West Point.  There he rests as a perpetual reminder of the price of American invasions.

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