Sunday, October 12, 2014

Invading Minnesota

Vinnie, Dom jr., and Nancy Driano
The AI tour van, its drivers and their clothing received a much needed washing up in Minnesota earlier this week.  Dom Driano jr. was in ROTC at Notre Dame during his college years and served his country in both the US Army and the USAF.  Thanks very much for the hospitality Dom and Nancy!

On entering Minnesota from Iowa on Interstate 35 we were greeted by a bouquet of jets.

Minnesota jets
Minnesota joined the Union in 1858 just in time to participate in the bloodiest war in American history -- the US Civil war.  More recently, many of the Somali actors featured in the recent Hollywood film Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks were from Minnesota.

All in all Minnesota was an excellent rest area for the AI tour.

Thanks again Dom and Nancy.

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